Indications: Disc prolaps, instability, osteochondrosis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spondylodiscitis

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KIMBA is manufactured in revolutionary ECF PEEK-OPTIMA, allowing for excellent mechanical performance and a "ghost-like" image when viewed intraoperatively.


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MOBIS XL increases both width and length.  This results in a larger construct with more surface area that provides strong support promoting fusion.

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TETRIS implants are implanted bilaterally via a posterior approach.  Designed to restore interbody vertebral disc height and promote solid bony fusion.


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KIMBA-MINI utilizes a "self-guiding" feature which allows the surgeon to accurately position the implant and minimize complications.


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SEMIAL implants are designed to restore interbody vertebral disc height.  A comprehensive selection of implant sizes and two angulation options provide maximum operative flexability.


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Vertebral Body Replacement from PEEK-OPTIMA®. Individually adaptable space.


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All SIGNUS cages are characterized by the specially toothed surfaces, included titanium markers for visualization and wide fenestrations to be filled with bone or bone substitutes.