MONOPOLY Specifications


MonoPoly is an innovative, safe, and cost-effective pedicle screw system manufactured to meet SIGNUS´ high standard of quality.

Even in the absence of perfect alignment, the 40° variability simplifies screw and rod positioning, and minimises the need for rod bending.

The MonoPoly System is indicated for the following:

Degenerative disc disease
Stenosis of the lumbar spine
Disc herniation
Correction of low-grade spondylolisthesis

Specific Advantages

"Top Loading"-System
Simple and quick assembly

40° Screw Angulation
Simplifies screw positioning
Minimises need for rod bending

Self-Blocking Thread
Reduces risk of set-screw loosening

Buttress Thread
Optimal hold in the pedicle

Self-Cutting Screw Tip
Easy Insertion

Large Core Diameter
Optimal Load sharing capabilities

Colour-Coded Screw Heads
Easy identification

Low Profile
Minimal damage to the anatomical structures

Biocompatible material