TOSCA Specifications


The Tosca® plating system provides stability to the cervical spine following anterior cervical spine fusion procedures. The distal locking tip screws provide excellent purchase with monocortical screws even in poor bone stock. Though the system can be used with only a few basic instruments, the comprehensive instrumentation provides numerous options all in one tray.

Specific Advantages


Fixed and variable angle screw options
Adaptable to different techniques

One to four level plates
Applicable for a broad range of indications

Distal locking tip screws
Provides confident purchase

Pre-contoured plates
Matches well to the patient's anatomy

Color-coded screws
Simplifies selection


Fixed and freehand drill guide options
Accommodates different techniques

Single-barrel guides
Facilitates small incisions

Numerous screw-hole preparation options
Applicable to a variety of techniques

Simple yet comprehensive instrumentation
Reduces risk of complications

Full complement of instruments in one single tray
Facilitates OR organization