PEEK is a tried and tested product that has been in use in a wide range of applications with excellent results for more than 20 years. PEEK-OPTIMA, a further development of PEEK, was launched on the market in 1999.

Because of its balanced and high added value range of characteristics and the relatively high production costs, the engineering plastic PEEK is used only in fields of application  with stringent craft and the aerospace industry, the electrical and motor vehicle industry and in medical technology. As a result of its excellent properties, medical grade PEEK-OPTIMA can now be used to replace starting materials such a ceramics, aluminium, steel or titanium for implants. Previously these had been the only materials considered suitable for this purpose.

PEEK-OPTIMA is tested to ISO10993 and classified in line with USP-VI as well as FDA Device and Drug Master Files being available so that, as a result of its properties and being a licensed product, PEEK-OPTIMA is predestined for use as an implant material. PEEK-OPTIMA can also be reinforced with carbon fibre or manufactured as a composite with glass fibres components or other additives.

For implants PEEK-OPTIMA is the only material made available by the manufacturer.

Products from PEEK-OPTIMA®


Cervical cage with anatomical adaptation

Cervical cage